Snow Blindness is a Thing

A condition  commonly known as “snow blindness”  is easily caused by the reflection of sunlight off snow and ice, and can cause serious problems to your eyes.

Tips to help prevent Snow Blindness:

  1. The most obvious is to always wear sunglasses outdoors year round, even on cloudy days.
  2. Choose your sunglasses carefully they should be able to block UV-A and UV-B radiation and should clearly state this on the label “100% UV protection” or “UV400.” Do not buy sunglasses based on how dark they are, or how “Cool” they look.  Your eyes could suffer severe damage if not properly protected.
  3. Snow bunnies and winter sports enthusiasts;  wear snow goggles that are designed to block UV radiation.

In addition to the reflection of the sun off of ice and snow, “snow blindness” can be cause by other conditions, including occupational hazards.  Click HERE and read more ways to help protect your eyes from “Snow Blindness”.