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The Verdict is in: $5,750,000 award given to a motorcyclist

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Four and a half years ago, a man was riding his motorcycle on a beautiful fall day on a residential road in Suffolk County, NY.  He was enjoying the ride and minding his own business. In a split second, his life as he knew it was forever changed. All because of a driver who violated the rules of the road that are intended to keep all of us safe.

That motorcyclist lost his right leg from that accident.  He is a good man, with a successful career, with a great family and a passion for life, and now that life has been forever altered.

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What You Need to Know About Motorcycle Insurance in New York


According to New York state law, you must carry liability motorcycle insurance on your bike to help you cover costs related to property damage and bodily injury suffered by others in a crash that you cause.

The no-fault law in New York does not protect motorcyclists, as they are not entitled to no-fault benefits.

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Snow Blind


Snow Blindness is a Thing

A condition  commonly known as “snow blindness”  is easily caused by the reflection of sunlight off snow and ice, and can cause serious problems to your eyes.

Tips to help prevent Snow Blindness:

  1. The most obvious is to always wear sunglasses outdoors year round, even on cloudy days.
  2. Choose your sunglasses carefully they should be able to block UV-A and UV-B radiation and should clearly state this on the label “100% UV protection” or “UV400.” Do not buy sunglasses based on how dark they are, or how “Cool” they look.  Your eyes could suffer severe damage if not properly protected.
  3. Snow bunnies and winter sports enthusiasts;  wear snow goggles that are designed to block UV radiation.

In addition to the reflection of the sun off of ice and snow, “snow blindness” can be cause by other conditions, including occupational hazards.  Click HERE and read more ways to help protect your eyes from “Snow Blindness”.


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The National Highway Traffic and Safety Association has released their Fatal Crash Data Report for 2016, and it is not good news. 

In the United States there were 5,286 deaths to motorcyclists – an increase of 257 from the previous year. Although the data for Long Island for the same year (2016) hasn’t been released yet, I’m sure it has not changed by much.

Additional Facts

■ Motorcyclist fatalities for people 60 or older saw 156 more fatalities in 2016 than in 2015, an increase of 21.5 percent. Overall, there were 257 more motorcyclist fatalities in 2016, an increase of 5.1 percent over 2015.

■ There were 11.5 times as many unhelmeted motorcyclist fatalities in States without universal helmet laws (1,923 unhelmeted fatalities) as in States with universal helmet laws (166 unhelmeted fatalities) in 2016

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R & D Racing Wins Nitro Harley Drags


R&D Racing Takes the Win at the 17th Annual WPGC IDBL Bike Fest

Congratulations Peter Geiss, Bob Spina and the R&D Racing team!

Island Outlook With Motorcycle Mike


John Lynch of Island Outlook interviewed Motorcycle Mike about the importance of proper motorcycle insurance one should have before you head out on the highway… Give a listen- it could help you…

Motorcycle Tires Safety Tips


Check your Motorcycle Tires Before You Ride

Spring has arrived, and most of us in New York can’t wait to jump on our motorcycles at the first sign of good riding weather.  But remember, let’s not jump the gun on safety either. Below are a few tips on why it’s so important to check your motorcycle tires before you head out on the highway.

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Downed Biker Run


On June 24th, 2017 I was honored to be able to be the end site for the annual Bikers for Christ Downed Biker Run.  Pastor Ski and all the members of Bikers for Christ started this run to help bikers in our community when they have an accident riding. The downed biker fund is handled through the Rushing Wind Biker Church.

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