Author: Michael Levine Esq. (Motorcycle Mike)

What You Need to Know About Motorcycle Insurance in New York

According to New York state law, you must carry liability motorcycle insurance on your bike to help you cover costs related to property damage and bodily injury suffered by others in a crash that you cause. The no-fault law in New York does not protect motorcyclists, as they are not entitled to no-fault benefits.

Snow Blind

Snow Blindness is a Thing A condition  commonly known as “snow blindness”  is easily caused by the reflection of sunlight off snow and ice, and can cause serious problems to your eyes. Tips to help prevent Snow Blindness: The most obvious is to always wear sunglasses outdoors year round, even on cloudy days. Choose your […]


In the United States there were 5,286 deaths to motorcyclists – an increase of 257 from the previous year. Although the data for Long Island for the same year (2016) hasn’t been released yet, I’m sure it has not changed by much.

R & D Racing Wins Nitro Harley Drags

R&D Racing Takes the Win at the 17th Annual WPGC IDBL Bike Fest Congratulations Peter Geiss, Bob Spina and the R&D Racing team!

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