Four and a half years ago, a man was riding his motorcycle on a beautiful fall day on a residential road in Suffolk County, NY.  He was enjoying the ride and minding his own business. In a split second, his life as he knew it was forever changed. All because of a driver who violated the rules of the road that are intended to keep all of us safe.

That motorcyclist lost his right leg from that accident.  He is a good man, with a successful career, with a great family and a passion for life, and now that life has been forever altered.

I am, however, humbled to report that last week a Suffolk County jury sided with my client and delivered a verdict in his favor of $5,750,000.  As a personal injury attorney since 1985, I believe that the verdict I achieved for my client is the highest award ever given to a motorcyclist who sustained life altering injuries in an accident in Suffolk County. I sincerely hope this award eases my client’s pain and suffering, but in my heart I know that no amount of money can restore his life to the way that he loved it. I hope it enables him to manage it as best as he can.

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